Beautiful Lingerie at Royston Open Secrets

Last year, Royston Open Secrets welcomed Paula and Jo of ‘My Lingerie’ to the event and we are delighted that they will be having a stand again this year. Jo told me:

We really enjoyed the lively atmosphere at last year’s event.  There was a good level of interest from visitors during the day and it generated business for us.  Open Secrets helps us to increase awareness of the services and products we offer locally.

Paula and Jo at My Lingerie

We offer good quality lingerie products and a professional and friendly fitting service.  We also stock bras for sports, mastectomy and maternity wear plus swimwear.  You can also buy gift vouchers if you want to treat the woman in your life.

You can find out more about My Lingerie at

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Travel Counsellors at Royston Open Secrets

Dorian Hayes is having a stand at Royston a Open Secrets for the third time this year.

Dorian told me:

“I have had a stand at secrets in 2010 and 2012. Unfortunately I wasn’t there last year as an exhibitor but I did come along on the day to support the event. Taking a stand when I can is a no-brainer. I’m not on the High Street as my competitors are and I have to make sure that people from the town know about me. It’s all about letting people know that there is an alternative.

I am essentially a travel agent, although don’t expect run-of-the-mill brochure holidays. I specialise in tailor-made holidays, often offering better value than the brochures. Why buy off the peg when made to measure is at a similar price point? I also do business travel. In business time is money and companies can place their travel needs with me and essentially buy themselves hours of extra productivity.

Travel Counsellors is (as far as I know) the only travel agent to offer 100% financial protection on both business and leisure travel. We hold a full tour operator’s ATOL licence and we were the first travel agent to hold an ATOL Flight Plus license. In fact, our financial protection is so good, the CAA came to us to help write the Flight Plus legislation.

I have been a Travel Agent in Royston since 2009 and I have built up a good client base. People trust me because:
- their money is safe
- I find them the best holiday at the right price
- I get them to meetings in odd places and
- I look after them if something goes wrong.

I have recently ditched my ‘0845’ number in favour of a geographical number – included in most phone packages – so people don’t have to pay extra to call me. I have even taken my mobile number off my business cards as my new number can easily be diverted when I am not at my desk.”

Come and meet Dorian on 8 June or find out more details now at

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Royston Reflexology at Open Secrets 2014

Estelle Chopra of Royston Open Secrets and Sports Massage is back at Open Secrets this year.  Estelle told me:

“This will be my third year at Royston Open Secrets.  I was unable to have a stand last year because of other commitments but I came along in the afternoon and the marquee was buzzing.  It made me want to have a stand again this year.

Estelle Chopra, Royston Reflexology

The event gives me the opportunity to get out of the treatment room and meet local people.  They give me ideas for about the treatments they find most beneficial.  I can also demonstrate what reflexology is and what it can do for you.”

To find out more about Estelle and the treatments she offers go to  or come along and meet her at Royston Open Secrets on Sunday 8th June.

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Johnson Matthey sponsor Royston Open Secrets 2014

The Committee of Royston Open Secrets are very grateful to Johnson Matthey for sponsoring the event again this year.  The Committee Chairwoman, Linda Turner said,

“The sponsorship from Johnson Matthey means that we can offer free spaces at Royston Open Secrets for local community organisations and charities. Without this help it would not be possible to run such an event to accommodate the community and charity stands  which makes a big difference to the nature of the event.’ We are in our 6th year, and with all the support we get , and the volunteers, makes this all so possible. Its a great event that is now on the map for Royston, hopefully it will be around for a very long time.”

Deborah McGarrity, Royston Site and Community Co-ordinator for Johnson Matthey said:

“We employ over 1650 from the local area at our Royston site and we encourage our staff to support local organisations and businesses.  We are happy to support this excellent event and we see support for local good causes as an important part of our commitment to the local community.

In addition to ROS we support many other projects and group, mainly focused on education, health and the environment.”

Put the date in your diary now; 11:00 – 16:00 on 8th June 2014 at Royston Heath

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Royston Open Secrets 2014

Planning for Royston Open Secrets 2014 on 8th June is well under way and many local businesses and organisations have already signed up to have stands this year.

GSTAR students with Sarah Keeton, star of Cats

One of the first was GSTARS, Georgina Wooten’s School of Dance and Performing Arts.  The school opened in September 2009. It provides dance classes in ISTD Imperial Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Street, Commercial, Contemporary, Pre – School Melody Movement, Adult Classes.  Most recently, Georgina  opened ‘The Academy’ which focuses on all other aspects of stage and screen such as Script Writing, Song Writing, Stage Management, Costume Design and Theatre Skills as well as Creating a Band, Audition Technique and so much more.

GSTARS attended the International Ballet Festival in Bulgaria last year and will be jetting off to Italy in the Summer for a weeks course at the ISTD Dance School there.  GSTARS has also performed in the London’s West End and at the 3D Creative Summit on the South Bank London.

GSTARS has had a stand at Royston Open Secrets for the past three years. The students have performed at the event for audience’s throughout the day and loved every second.  When I spoke to Georgina earlier this week she said ” We are very much looking forward to returning to the show this year to tell everybody about what we have planned for the year ahead and give out information on how to get more involved in our ever growing School and Academy.”

See you and your dancers on 8th June Georgina.

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Royston Miscarriage Support Association

A new organisation to come to Royston Open Secrets this year were the Miscarriage Support Association.  Janet Sackman of the Association and organiser of  ‘A Time for Remembrance’ told me:

“This was the first year at Royston Open Secrets for the

Royston Miscarriage Support Association

 Miscarriage Association Royston branch to make an appearance, even though I’ve been a support contact for them for 18 years, and have been running a support group in Royston during that time. It felt as if it could be an interesting opportunity to just raise awareness in the community that there is support here, either by phone or in meetings, so my team and I were keen to have an ice-breaker of free cookies and cupcakes to offer to people who walked past our table, and introduce ourselves via some tempting homemade bakery items.

We were really pleased with the number of people who seemed touched by knowing that the support is there, should they need it, or someone else they knew. There were a lot of women and men who seemed keen to have the opportunity to acknowledge the babies they had lost, simply by being able to tell us something of their experiences, in the middle of what was a happy family day. Just being able to give them that opportunity made the day worthwhile in itself.”

I had the stand next to Janet and I can confirm that the cookies were delicious!  Janet was so pleased with the number of people that she was able to reach on the day that she has already booked a stand for next year.

You can find out more about the organisation at and


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A Secret No More

Many thanks to Peter Stallard, a visitor to Royston Open Secrets, for this lovely poem.

We went to Royston Open Secrets
Wondering what we would see.
 The range of goods and services on offer
Was quite a shock to me.
This brainchild of Linda Turner
Grows bigger every year.
It’s a chance to showcase smaller businesses
Of which you would rarely hear.


As we stepped inside this great big tent
We were met by a wall of sound,
From a mass of seething people
And Tannoy announcements going all around.
Added to this there was music,
As the Stage Right girls did their routine.
Their dancing was energetic and acrobatic,
The most fantastically clever I have seen.
With over thirty businesses exhibiting
And as many organisations too.
In a huge marquee, I’m thinking,
“Where do we start and what shall we do?”
The question was soon answered
When I stumbled into a toxophilite.
He quickly caught the bow I’d bumped into
And put it and its stand back upright.
He then explained the technical aspects
Of this left-handed bow to me.
For which I thanked him very much
And said, “It’s not for me, I’m eighty three.”


We pushed our way through the milling throng,
But Linda and James were not to be seen,
So we stopped and chatted to Pat and Alex
Before leaving this noisy chaotic scene.


We then went off to our favourite spot
For a quiet cup of tea,
But then felt guilty for deserting the show
So returned at just after three.


Outside there was a Classic Car show
With lots of cars all in a line,
Including a monstrous great Buick,
But my favourite was an Austin built in 1929.


There was also a miniature fairground,
Where children could run and ride,
Including a number of huge plastic balls
That were rolling around, with the kids inside.


Going back inside the tent
We searched for Linda once more,
And as the crowd had thinned out a lot
It was easier than before.


We very soon found Linda,
For she was near her stand.
Along with James and other members
Of this hard working band.


Linda had a display of fabrics,
Quite the best I’ve ever seen.
They were really quite exquisite
And would grace the boudoir of a queen.


The final visit that I made
Was to a computer software man,
Who sorted out my computer problem
As only an expert can.


So another Open Secrets was ending
As the visitors drifted away,
But for those who had worked so hard and long
It had been a most successful day.
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WOW! What a great day at Royston Open Secrets

The Committee of Royston Open Secrets were hoping for sunshine on Sunday.  It was late in coming but in the end it didn’t matter.  The exhibitors lit up the marquee and the outside display areas with colour and energy, the crowds came and stayed to enjoy all the fun.

From the moment Andie Harper of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire opened the event with an impassioned speech about the many delights Royston has to offer until the final visitors reluctantly left, the day buzzed with energy and enthusiasm.  We estimate over 2,000 people visited during the five hours of the event.  Wait until you see the video and photographs.

The feedback from visitors and exhibitors has been great.  In fact eleven businesses have already signed up for next year, taking advantage of a special early bird offer.  They are:

Women in Business Network

Travel Counselors


Royston Reflexology and Sports Massage

My Lingerie

So Gifted Ltd

Fourways Chartered Accountants

Juniper Specialist Cars

The Cambridge Nail Academy

AMB Stonemasonry

We are also delighted that Girl Guiding Royston, Pulsitilla Rangers are the first local organisation to sign up for 2014.

If you are a business or organisation based in the SG8 area and you would like to secure your space for 8 June 2014, contact Linda turner or James Dudley on 01763 223216.

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Fun Dog Show at Royston Open Secrets

Chasing Tails Canine Centre are holding a Fun Dog Show at Royston Open Secrets this Sunday, 9th June.  There are 12 classes and registration starts at 11:30.  The show starts at 13:00.   The cost is £1 per class per dog.

Come and say hello.  Find out more about the competition classes and let your dog have some fun on the free to use agility equipment.

Fun Dog Show
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New bookings at Royston Open Secrets

The promise of sunshine at the weekend has brought a last minute rush for stands at Royston Open Secrets.  The latest business to sign up is Melbourn homeopath, Melanie Tomsett.  Melanie told me:

 “I have heard so many good things about the Royston Open Secrets that in the end I couldn’t resist coming along.

 For me it is an opportunity to answer visitors’ questions about homeopathy and how it can help them.  Most people have heard of homeopathy but don’t know about the range of issues that it can assist with.  The aim of homeopathy is to address the root of the disorder.  As a homeopath I take a holistic approach to your condition, and the treatment  is tailored to you as a unique individual.

 I look forward to having some interesting chat on Sundays.  Do come and say hello.”

Welcome Melanie.  Have a great day.

To find out more about Melanie go to

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