Designer Furniture at Royston Open Secrets

Returning to Open Secrets for the third year as an exhibitor is Graham Rayner of Graham Rayner Fine Furniture. Graham designs and makes unique pieces of bespoke hand-crafted furniture at his workshop in Royston. He delivers and assembles each piece in its final location and advises on care and maintenance so that the full beauty of the wood can be appreciated for years to come.

What have you been making over the past year Graham?

‘It’s been a busy and varied year. I have had some really great projects including designing bedroom furniture and a bespoke display cabinet for a wonderful model of HMS Victory . I’ve also had some smaller projects such as two very unique display cases boxes for watches. You can see some pictures on my website ‘ 

Collectors Cabinet

What is the highlight for you about being at Open Secrets?

‘I am passionate about the work that I do and love being able to show people some of the pieces I have made. It’s good to be able to talk to people about some of the features of the furniture and what makes them special. It’s also a good opportunity to display some of the different types of wood and other materials that I use’.

Last year at Open Secrets you brought along your lovely dining chairs and a cabinet. Have you decided what you are bringing to display this year?

‘I am still considering what the final line-up will be; I had lots of interest in my chairs last year, so I hope to have another chair this year, but the centre piece of my display will be a beautiful little collectors cabinet that my client has kindly allowed me to use for the day’.

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