Royston Hypnotherapy at Open Secrets

Pat of Royston Hypontherapy at Open Secrets 2011

I had a stand at Royston Open Secrets for the first time last year. My business was only a year old and this was the first business event I had been to as an ‘exhibitor’. So, I took along my business cards, some ‘Top Tip’ sheets to give away and some pre-recorded hypnotic CDs to sell.

For visitors to the event it was a chance to ask some questions about what hypnotherapy is, what you can use it for and what a typical session is like. There are a lot of myths about hypnosis that can stop people from giving it a try. I reassured enquirers that I don’t use pendulums or candle flames and they wouldn’t end up clucking like a chicken!

For me it was a really good opportunity to chat to people on an informal basis about things that were bothering them. The most common problems were poor sleep, lack of confidence and weight loss. Fortunately, I had Top Tip sheets for all those issues.

The atmosphere at the event was lively. My stand was close to the performance area and Speaker’s Corner so I had a ringside seat for all of the entertainment.

I hope the weather will be better this year but even if it isn’t, I know there’ll be plenty of things for visitors to see and do. Come and see me on my stand if you have any questions about hypnotherapy or how I might be able to help you or even just to say ‘hello’.

Pat Duckworth, Royston Hypnotherapy

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