New for Kids at Royston Open Secrets

A newcomer to Royston Open Secrets this year is Richard Pakey of Kids Quads, based in Bassingbourn.  After speaking to our Chairwoman, Linda Turner, Richard decided to take a stand at the event and use it as an open day for his business.  Richard told me:

I posted the event on Facebook last weekend and I have had an amazing response to it.  Thousands of people saw the post and I have had contacts from all over the region and further afield, many of them wanting to book demo rides.

Kids Quads has been operating for 3 years. We select our products after extensive testing, according to criteria based primarily on the safety and reliability of our machines.

Armed with this knowledge, we offer a more comprehensive and thoughtful service to our customers.  We understood that, with respect to their children, our customers are more demanding.

We will be bringing along a range of quads and bikes suitable for children of different ages.  They are all electric, silent, pollution-free and, most important, – they’re fun!

If you would like to book a demo ride at Royston Open Secrets, contact Richard by email: or call 0843 289 0871 For more information see

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