Meet The Listing at Open Secrets 2015

Cath Boughton and The Listing Team have booked their stand for 7 June.

The Listing at Royston Open Secrets

Cath told me:

“We’re looking forward to attending Royston Open Secrets in June.  Last year the sun shone, and we had a busy day meeting over 45 local businesses and 30 organisations from  the Royston area.

Royston Open Secrets is especially important to us as it gives us an opportunity to catch up with our clients and contributors.  Whilst we do get out and about to meetings and business networking events throughout the year, it’s lovely to meet so many people in one day.

It gives us a chance to review that the service that we offer is keeping in touch with what our clients and our readers need.   This is especially important in today’s world, where digital marketing developments continue at a pace of knots. 

Essentially, it is worth businesses remembering that little has changed in the world of marketing communications – delivering a targeted, consistent, clear message to your audience marks the foundation of success.

What has changed though, are the number of marketing channels open to a business.

Traditional methods such as direct mail, leaflets, postcards, exhibitions, print advertising and even TV, radio and cinema adverts exist alongside newer digital offerings: websites, social media and e-newsletters.

The challenge of course is deciding where to spend your time and money so that your business stands out and your message gets through to your audience.   Generally it is a mix of activities that works for a business.

Ten years of The Listing means we are well placed to advise what works for businesses in the local area.  Our experience means that we can help you decide what works for you, and we can offer a range of affordable marketing services, targeted to small businesses, including:

  • Cost-effective local print advertising in The Listing magazine
  • Logo design
  • Leaflet design and print
  • Postcards
  • Promotional items such as banners, pens, keyrings
  • Social Media Set Up and Management – including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • **New for 2015** Website Creation
  • E-newsletter management

 Last year we enjoyed positive feedback from our readers saying how they rely on The Listing as their local publication to keep in touch with what’s going on in their area, and how they look forward to the magazine arriving through their door each month.

Comments from our customers such as “It’s so nice to deal with a lovely team such as The Listing!” and “[Advertising with The Listing has] been brilliant for us.  Customers come up to us clutching our advert”

So come along and say hello to us on The Listing stand this year at Royston Open Secrets.

New customers will have a chance to win six-months’ worth of free advertising and we will be asking all visitors to help contribute to The Great Royston Bucket List!”

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