Speaker’s Corner

Julian Berry, Julian Berry Associates, is well-known to people in Royston and the villages for his regular business advice column in The Listings. At Royston Open Secrets 2011, Julian was the Master of Ceremonies for ‘Speaker’s Corner’. I caught up with him at Royston Business Network this week and asked him about his experience of the day.

Pat: What was the idea behind Speaker’s Corner?

Julian: We wanted to give businesses and charities a low-cost way of getting a targeted message out to the audience. The opportunity was available not just to stallholders but also to anyone who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Speakers had 5 minutes to make their pitch.

Pat: Was it a bit intimidating for people to stand on the stage and talk about their business or organisation?

Julian: It could have been but we did everything to make it as easy as possible. The PA system was simple to use and I introduced everyone and gave them any support they needed. For 2012, I’m also happy to give free support before the event on writing and delivering a good presentation.

Pat: Did any speakers stand out?

Julian: Laura Woodcock of the Teenage Cancer Trust and T. Sandeman-Charles both spoke with real passion about the charities they represent. As a result they attracted a lot more visitors to their stands so I believe it was very effective for them.

Pat: Any tips for people who are thinking of being ’speakers’ this year?

Julian: Think about the main point that you want to make and say it clearly and with enthusiasm. If there was only one thing you could say to the people of Royston, what would you want it to be? Being passionate and enthusiastic shows visitors you’re sincere and encourages them to come and find out more about you.

Pat: Thanks Julian. See you on 17 June!

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