A Magnificent Seven

Back in May we announced that Brulee, the yellow labrador bitch owned by Margaret White of Royston Veterinary Centre, was in whelp.  The puppies were expected on the day of Open Secrets, 8th June. 

Brulee couldn’t wait for the event and gave birth to seven puppies on 3rd June, 6 bitches and 1 dog.  The smallest was just 320g.  They have all been named by the family: Mollasses, Treacle, Cinnamon, Buttersocks, Marmalade, Posy and Biscotti.

They are now 25 days old and each weigh nearly 2 kg.  They are able to walk and run and are nearly ready to be weaned and start eating from a dish.

Margaret told me:

Brulee has been an amazing mother, very dedicated to her puppies.  She normally needs to eat about 2300 calories a day but at the moment she requires around 7,000 calories a day in order to produce enough milk.  That’s about 6 tins of dog food.

The pups will be ready to leave when they reach seven weeks.  They are so cute we will be sorry to see them go.  We will be keeping one of them.

There are just a few puppies left for sale.  If you are interested contact Margaret White 01763 242221 or email info@roystonvets.com.

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