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Stonemason Andy Boughton from AMB Stonemasonry will be taking part in his first Royston Open Secrets event this year.

AMB Stonemasonry

Andy is an experienced craftsman and project manager with over 25 years’ experience working on restoration and new build projects throughout the UK. 

Stonemasonry is an ancient art that goes back to the dawn of time – where there is stone, man has sought to construct with it!  Natural stone forms a huge part of our country’s heritage, and living in the area that we do there is no shortage of traditional ston­e churches and colleges that need expert renovation.

Andy has  worked on many of the Cambridge colleges, including Kings College Chapel, St John’s, Gonville and Caius and the Senate House.  London based projects include Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

In addition, AMB Stonemasonry work on private houses, with projects including porticos, fireplaces, bay windows, window sills, staircases and flint walls.

Whilst the majority of restoration projects will use natural stone such as Bath stone, Portland stone or Lincolnshire limestones, a number of private and new build projects will use reconstituted stone, or pre-cast.  This is often a more cost-effective option for the client, and with modern technologies and links with leading suppliers in the industry, the results are superb.  Indeed, the untrained eye would not find it easy to tell the difference between natural and reconstituted stone.

Come and visit AMB Stonemasonry at Royston Open Secrets, where Andy will be demonstrating his work with a not-to-be-missed special project using local clunch stone! You can also see some of AMB Stonemasonry’s work locally in Priory Gardens in Royston.  The flint wall that backs onto Newlings of Royston was rebuilt in the winter of 2013.

Andrew Boughton, AMB Stonemasonry, t:0845 1990 184,

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