A Newcomer to Royston Open Secrets

Homeopath, Melanie Tomsett, isn’t quite a newcomer to Royston Open secrets.  She has had a stand twice before but this year she will be representing her new business collaboration, CAM Fertility Centre.

Melanie Tomsett, CAM Fertility Centre

Melanie told me:
“I have really enjoyed meeting and conversing with many interested members of the Royston public at previous events.  I also enjoyed networking with the other stall holders and the atmosphere last year was great. I met other local businesses that have helped my business to grow over the past 12 months.
This year I am launching a new and exciting part of my business called CAM Fertility Centre along with my partners and I believe that Royston Open Secrets is the best way to showcase our new venture to the local community,  It is an ideal way to allow local people to meet me and my team and ask questions.
Our company provides Complementary and Alternative Healthcare packages to individuals and couples  seeking to:
  • improve their chances of natural conception,
  • aide natural fertility,
  • complement IVF treatment,
  • maintain a healthy pregnancy,
  • increase the chances of a natural birth and
  • help mother and baby through the first few weeks using natural CAM treatments.”

Read more at http://camfertilitycentre.co.uk/ and come along to meet Melanie and her partners on 8th June.

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