Travel Counsellors at Royston Open Secrets

Dorian Hayes is having a stand at Royston a Open Secrets for the third time this year.

Dorian told me:

“I have had a stand at secrets in 2010 and 2012. Unfortunately I wasn’t there last year as an exhibitor but I did come along on the day to support the event. Taking a stand when I can is a no-brainer. I’m not on the High Street as my competitors are and I have to make sure that people from the town know about me. It’s all about letting people know that there is an alternative.

I am essentially a travel agent, although don’t expect run-of-the-mill brochure holidays. I specialise in tailor-made holidays, often offering better value than the brochures. Why buy off the peg when made to measure is at a similar price point? I also do business travel. In business time is money and companies can place their travel needs with me and essentially buy themselves hours of extra productivity.

Travel Counsellors is (as far as I know) the only travel agent to offer 100% financial protection on both business and leisure travel. We hold a full tour operator’s ATOL licence and we were the first travel agent to hold an ATOL Flight Plus license. In fact, our financial protection is so good, the CAA came to us to help write the Flight Plus legislation.

I have been a Travel Agent in Royston since 2009 and I have built up a good client base. People trust me because:
- their money is safe
- I find them the best holiday at the right price
- I get them to meetings in odd places and
- I look after them if something goes wrong.

I have recently ditched my ‘0845’ number in favour of a geographical number – included in most phone packages – so people don’t have to pay extra to call me. I have even taken my mobile number off my business cards as my new number can easily be diverted when I am not at my desk.”

Come and meet Dorian on 8 June or find out more details now at

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