Meet the people behind Royston Open Secrets

It is the fifth year of Royston Open Secrets.  This huge event is planned and delivered by a small team of volunteers.  Who are these local super heroes?

Royston Open Secrets Committee

Chairwoman: Linda Turner of Linda Turner Interiors

“Linda Turner Interiors is a small, friendly, hidden business.  Hidden because it has no shop front.  The idea for the Open Secrets was born out of this idea, that there must be lots of local businesses out there that no one knows about. That was five years ago, now the event has grown into a mix of businesses and community stands and much more.

I have been overwhelmed with the help and support of my committee, and every one that has helped and sponsored us. With out this help this event would not continue to grow.

Look forward to seeing you all on the day. Do come and say hello.”

Secretary: Sue Phillipo

“I have been involved on the Royston Open Secrets Committee for 3 years.  It is not easy taking the Minutes at the meetings because the ideas are coming thick and fast.  There is so much enthusiasm.

On the day of the event it is part of my role to meet and greet the standholders and make sure they get set up on time.  During the day I help the visitors to find what they want and have a good time.

I have lived in the Royston area all my life and I see my involvement in this event as giving something back to this great community.”

James Dudley, My Fitter

“I got involved in Open Secrets because of a conversation I had with Linda about holding an event to help increase awareness of Linda Turner Interiors in the local area. This was a relatively small event held in the marquee at the rear of The Banyers Hotel 5 years ago.

 I think Royston Open Secrets is a great opportunity for businesses who may not have a High Street presence to bring themselves to the attention of the Royston community and really show what they have to offer. It’s also a great opportunity to meet fellow business owners, talk about the things we have in common and often receive invaluable advice from people who have ‘been there’.

After all the meetings, planning and hard work the committee get involved with I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together on the day, the crowds arrive, hearing the buzz of excitement and just the general atmosphere throughout the day. It really is a great fun filled family day out.  But if I’m really honest it’s the cold pint of Guinness at the end of the day when we can sit down and relax after its all over for another year.”

Tony Field: m-viron, Royston

“This is my third year both on the Committee and as an exhibitor.  I hear a lot of people say that nothing is happening for businesses in Royston but I disagree.  Royston Open Secrets is an opportunity for businesses to be pro-active and show what they have to offer.  That is why I am involved – also because Linda makes it hard to refuse!

I look forward to meeting visitors to the event and showing off the latest mobile phone technology.  I will be bringing along lots of balloons for the children and phones for the parents – or should that be the other way around?!”

Julia Brooks – C4B Media

I have been in business locally for 7 years as contacts4business and merged earlier this year with Zen Creative to form C4B Media.  Having worked in Royston all these years I feel quite passionately about the town and think that there are a lot more positive things going on than people hear about.  Royston Open Secrets is an amazing opportunity to shout about those things. I have enjoyed helping with the marketing of this event, and working with lots of businesses to pull it together is fantastic.

 I’m looking forward to bringing the children on the day …………… and hopefully lots of sunshine!”

Julian Berry: Julian Berry Associates

“I have been involved with Royston Open Secrets since 2011.  An event of this size needs a Master of Ceremonies to make sure that visitors know what is going on.  There is a huge programme of events this year so it could be a bit of a challenge.

I love that this event is arranged by the businesses and community for local people.  It is good to meet the businesses and organisations in a relaxed and friendly environment.  My kids love it too.”

Pat Duckworth: Royston Hypnotherapy

Like most of the Committee members I got involved with Royston Open Secrets because of Linda Turner’s passion and persuasion.  I am not able to make all of the Committee meetings but I can write the blogs and contribute to the social media to spread the word about the event.

I started up in business just over 3 years ago  and this event gave me the opportunity to showcase my business and talk to visitors who wanted to know more about hypnotherapy.  This year I will be proudly displaying my book, “Hot Women, Cool Solutions”.  Do come and say hello.”

Other Committee Members:

Lisa Thompson, The Stationery Cupboard

Steve Windsor, Netlinked

Ray Munden, Rotary

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