Reflexology at Royston Open Secrets

Estelle Chopra, Royston Reflexology and Sports Massage, had a stand at Royston Open Secrets for the first time last year. “I had recently moved into the area and thought that this was a good opportunity for people to get to know me”, Estelle said when I met her this week. “I hadn’t attended an event like this before and I wasn’t sure what to take along. I had some books about reflexology and massage on my stand but more importantly I took along my reflexology chair so that I could let people experience a short treatment.”

After a short consultation and history take, Estelle gave a few lucky people a 15-20 minute treatment. “A lot of people just wanted to know a bit more information about the types of treatment I do and whether it would be suitable for their particular problem. There were quite a few enquiries about back and shoulder problems, headaches and low levels of energy. People were also interested to know that I operate a mobile service and can bring my massage and reflexology chairs to their homes.”

Estelle said that she had definitely gained some customers from the event. “For some people it can take a while to decide to see a therapist.” she said, “In fact, I had a client just a couple of weeks ago who had talked to me at Open Secrets last June. I like to dispel the myth that clients will need a lot of sessions in order to feel any benefit. It’s not often the case and I give clients simple exercises to do so that they can keep the progress going between sessions.”

I asked Estelle if we would be seeing her at Royston Open Secrets 2012. “Definitely. I will be setting up my stand a bit differently this year and I’ll be bringing along my massage chair as well as the reflexology chair. It will give me more opportunity to interact with people and deal with their enquiries.”

My feet are tingling already Estelle!

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