Vegetarian and Vegan Group

Newcomers to Royston Open Secrets in 2012 were the Vegetarian and Vegan Group. They had pleanty to attract visitors to their stand – including some yummy tasters.

Daisy Lachat told me: “At the Vegetarian and Vegan Group stall, about 60 people tasted our delicious vegan cakes! We met plenty of vegetarians but also omnivores concerned about farmed animal welfare issues and intrigued by our “butcher’s cat” poster titled “Why do we do mince-meat out of some animals and pets out of others”. As a result we distributed about 25 “Going Veggie” booklets. More info can be found on .

Vegetarian and Vegan Group at Royston Open Secrets

The vast majority of visitors were surprised to fail at our simple quizz, especially the question: “Pigs can live 10-15 years, at what age are pigs usually slaughtered for their meat?” Answer is sadly only 3-7 months. Visitors were also quite shocked that livestock farming produces more greenhouse gases than transport !

Six local people signed-up to keep in touch with the group but unfortunately we cannot read the hand writing for two of them.  So if you want to get in touch, email us at or visit our website at . Alternatively, connect to facebook and search for “Herts Vegans and Vegetarians”.

Royston’s Open Secrets was definitely a worthwile event to attend for the group. We will be back next year!

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